Monday, February 4, 2013

Was Beyoncé Inappropriate?

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Bare skill. Exposed talent. Raw performance. Three of the many ways Beyoncés performance can be described. Facebook was alive last night during the half-time show.

There were positive comments:
Beyoncé used up all of the electricity. 
Anyone else obsessing over this half time show??? AWESOME. 
Take that Madonna and Janet, Beyoncé just showed you how to perform at a Super Bowl.
And negative comments:  
Couldn’t they have kept the sandy hook chorus around for halftime? We had to change the channel. 
Close your eyes kiddos, half time is not family friendly. 
She needs to put some pants on. 
There were people who were excited to see Destiny’s Child make a comeback on the main stage. Others were glad Justin Timberlake didn’t show up and cause a wardrobe malfunction. And some argued that the entire performance was a wardrobe malfunction. And that leads us to a question: how are we, as Christians, supposed to respond to a performance like that?

Most likely there will be two sides of the argument – the promoters and the detractors.

The promoters will quote, “Be in the world not of it…” meaning that it was okay to watch the show because they weren’t the one’s baring (almost) all for the world to see. They will say that they “appreciate Beyoncés talent,” and that “it’s a guy’s fault if he watched the show and stumbled – he should know what he can handle.”

And the promoters will have some good points, and be right about a few things.

But then the detractors will weigh in, and say things like “America’s culture is falling,” and “God would be sad to look down and see her dancing like that.” They will say, “the half-time show was inappropriate,” and “a good voice doesn’t justify her outfit.”

And the detractors will have some good points, and be right about a few things.

But what is the balance? What is the right way to view the Pepsi Halftime Show featuring Beyoncé? Weigh in on the discussion, comment below…   

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  1. With the Super Bowl being the "single largest human trafficking incident in the United States" (-TX Attorney General Greg Abbott), it's no wonder the Halftime Show has the appearance of a sexual meat market. And it will continue to be until the masses refuse to consume this product.